Institutional support & cooperation.
One of our main lines of action is the institutional support to the book chain for donors, states or territories who request it. To structure a public reading network; Accompany the introduction of innovative legislation; Carry out audits or appraisals on all the book and reading components of a territory; Think and include the book as a transversal tool for a cooperation or development project, or even accompany the mastery of building structures or services, are all possible missions that combine your needs and our skills.


Training & accompaniments.

Training for professionals in the book chain or their tutors is our second strong point. Covering all the domains necessary for the skills of these professions (documentalists, librarians, librarians, publishers, booksellers, project managers, decision makers, etc.), these training courses are the fruit of more than twenty years of work in the most varied territories , from north to south. Our training sessions take place first on-site, on-site. We encourage networking. Actions in distance training, tutorials or MOOC are possible.

Digital & innovative Projects.

While most countries in the North are considering and implementing actions on the modernization of libraries and access to books in general (collections, schedules, digital, mediation for the reception of an ever wider audience, third place , Hybrid libraries, etc.), what happens in areas with multiple fractures: material, cultural and digital. BiblioSud works to improve exchanges between professionals, to propose or accompany modernization projects, to set up innovative digital tools around the common goods of knowledge.